How to make your device compatible with any app

How to make your device compatible with any app?

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From time to time we find the typical message on Google Play: “This application is not compatible with your device” or “is not available in your country.” We’re going to try to help you bypass this restriction. Unfortunately, the best application that got this has stopped working but you can still skip the region restriction.

How to make your device compatible with any app?

There are many methods to install any app to your device. Here, we are discussing how to make your device compatible with any app. Keep reading: Speed up the pc with windows defrag

What is VPN and how is it configured?

How to make your device compatible with any app

With this method, we are going to trick our device -and all the internet- with a new IP that will provide us with the VPN connection. This type of connection is a tunnel through the internet to a particular server which is located in another country and gives us its IP address to download the applications that we cannot in our country.

In Google Play there are many VPN applications, including some with excellent service for a very modest price. Here you have two free applications so you can try. You just have to install one of the two and activate the service. At that time, visits to Google Play will be recorded with the address of the VPN server to which you are connected, thus skipping the blocking by country.

The other alternative is to get the application in the “unofficial” market. There are many alternative markets where you can get the APK files of your applications. Before installing these APKs you will need to activate the option of ‘Unknown sources’ in Settings> Security.

It is advisable to make sure that the APK is not manipulated before installing it. To make sure you look at the comments and evaluations of the APK in each market.

How to install and configure Market Helper (patched by Google)

How to make your device compatible with any app

Warning: Market Helper is a great application that allowed us to jump the restrictions by device or region imposed by some developers to their applications. Unfortunately, Google patched in December 2017 the error that benefited this application to get install applications incompatible with our terminal directly from Google Play.

This method only works with older versions of Play Store on devices with Android 4.4 Kitkat or lower until Android 2.2 Froyo that are also rooted, so it may be a bit obsolete. Anyway here you have how to do it:

First, make sure your device is rooted

Download the Market Helper APK. Here you have it available in the XDA forum. Market Helper.

Remember, for the application to install correctly you must activate “Unknown sources” on your Android. Go to Settings> Security> Unknown sources and mark it. If you have a smartphone with Android One it is a bit different:  Settings> Applications and notifications> Advanced settings> Special application access> Install unknown applications. Once there, it depends on the browser you use or where you need to access your smartphone to download the APK (something that if you start the download your phone will tell you). Enter the option that is and activate ‘Authorize downloads from this source’.

Install the application on your device. As always, you can install it directly from the browser or by moving the app to your phone from your computer.

First, Market Helper is only in English. With the app installed, you can change the identity of your smartphone and change the country associated with the Google Play Store.

To do so, first, click on “Select Account” and enter your Gmail account. Then click on “Activate”.

Market helper

How to make your device compatible with any app

A pop-up will appear in which you have to give permission to the application to be superuser of your device. You accept.

Here begins the interesting. In “Select Device” you can specify almost any Android device and “cheat” the Google Play Store. You can even change from tablet to smartphone or TV and vice versa.

Then you can choose the type of device you want. The most logical thing is to choose current and popular devices that are compatible with almost everything.

In “Select Operator” you can change the country and the operator that you prefer. For example, you can choose the United States (a country where most of the apps are available) and AT & T (a very widespread operator). After choosing, click on “Activate”.

In the confirmation window, you have the option to go to your “Google Dashboard”, that is, the home screen of your Google desktop. It is important since you will have to re-enter to apply the changes made.

How to make your device compatible with any app

Once done, everything is ready for fun. You can go back to your phone’s Home and open Google Play. Now no type of previous restriction will appear, corresponding to your country and device. They will disappear and conform to what we have entered in Market Helper.

Note: That the application is now compatible with your device does not guarantee that it works like silk, it will depend on many factors, but at least you can install it. You may also interest:

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