How to look after your motor home’s water system

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If you own a motor home then proper maintenance of the onboard water system is essential to avoid unnecessary wear and tear. Here are a few tips to follow to get great results every time.

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Off-season precautions

Many motor homes lie dormant during the colder months of the year, which can lead to issues if the water system is not drained prior to this period of hibernation. You can prevent damage to pipes and tanks caused by freezing temperatures and water expansion if you address this in the run-up to the winter.

When spring arrives and you are planning your next trip, remember to refill the system and run plenty of water through it before you use the vehicle again. This is important because harmful mould can form during the downtime and this needs to be extricated to avoid it doing any harm.

Sterilisation fluid is available to assist in this process and to keep the system free from nasty substances, make sure to always follow the manufacturer’s instructions to get the best results.

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Practical on-site advice

When you arrive at a site, you may need to hook up your motor home to the mains water supply available at each pitch. Rather than relying on the hosing that is provided, which may not be as clean and as bacteria-free as you would like, taking your own connecting hose is a great alternative.

Remember to choose an appropriate type of hose for handling water that is meant for consumption; food-safe products will not only prevent bacterial issues, but will also avoid annoying plastic aftertastes.

Suppliers and conversion specialists such as Welsh Coast Campers can provide assistance when picking add-ons for vans and motor homes. Getting the experts at Welsh Coast Campers to guide you through maintenance processes is better than relying on guesswork if you are new to motor home ownership.

Safe and simple

Campervan technology is advancing all the time, with VW’s first all-electric, autonomous model expected in 2022. But even in years to come, regular maintenance will still be vital.

While the idea of having to keep your vehicle’s water system in a good state of repair may sound like hard work, in reality, it is not only important for safety, but also relatively straightforward to achieve, once you have completed your first flush-through.

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