How to Keep Your Garage Safe This Winter

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Even with very simple security measures in place, you will improve your garage’s security greatly. Very often burglars find access into the home through the garage. Deal with this weak link by adding additional security.

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Cable Ties

Burglars have a way of bypassing an automatic garage door within minutes using a wire coat hangar. If you add a cable tie to the loop on the latch that is used only in emergencies, you sabotage the burglars’ attempts.

Keep the Garage Door Remote in the House

A garage door installation in St Albans or other places will be done professionally, and you will be supplied with a remote to open and close the door. Keep the remote in a safe place in your house. If it stays in the garage, it is like giving a burglar a key to your home.

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Avoid Clear Windows

Curtains, or even better frosted windows, will prevent burglars from knowing what is in your garage in the first place. Clear windows will give them a good view on what is available to take.

Add an Alarm and Motion Sensors

Alarms go off when movement is sensed. The police advise even installing a visual burglar alarm. This will include video surveillance to step up your security. Motion sensors can allow lights to go on when movement is detected or even send an alert to your phone via an app.

Make Durability a Priority

If your garage door is on its last legs and it looks as if you can knock it over if you talk too loudly, you are in trouble. Prioritise installing a garage door made from durable materials by seeking advice from professionals like

Pump Up the Sound

This is more than a trick that we learnt from the blockbuster Home Alone. It really works! Try to create some kind of presence by playing the radio. Most burglars won’t attempt a burglary if they know someone is at home. The noise will deter them.

Most of these tips are really simple. If you are just careful about locking the door as you go in and out, you will create an atmosphere of vigilance that burglars find very off-putting. They generally pick a soft target, but if you make it difficult for them to enter, they will most likely go somewhere else.

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