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How to install a Custom ROM on i9000 T / M Galaxy S

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This tutorial will explain how to put a custom/modified ROM to your Galaxy S with the CWM procedure which is the simplest and fastest way to flash Roms, patches, applications, etc.

Well first of all,

What is a custom ROM?

It is an Android modified by one or more people (customs) where they make it faster in certain aspects, remove and add applications as well as scripts for system optimization, some change the kernel and theming, others install many applications that May or may not be useful.

how to install
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What is the advantage of a custom Rom?

As well as the benefit of upgrading to a newer Android and get mainly more speed and eliminate some little problem. With a custom ROM, you get much more speed than with an official and depending on which ROM is each has characteristics that make it unique. While some are super lite without applications, others will be full of the teeth; others mainly change the appearance, Others are like the original but correcting errors and increasing features, etc.

So how do I choose a good Rom?

The method is very simple first you need to know what it is that you want in your cell phone. What you use it for and what would make your life easier. Then look at the descriptions of each Rom what extra features you have and what things have taken away.

That was the basics. Now every ROM is installed in a very similar way, and it is very simple and fast you just have to download the ROM file, put it in the phone memory, start recovery, click on install, restart the phone.

First will be the explanation for Froyo

how to install
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In Froyo, you have a facility that regardless of which version you can upgrade directly to a custom one. What is needed is to have in our cell phone the Clockwork Mode Recovery which is a modified recovery which will be used to install Roms, modems, kernels, themes among other things.

In this case, the recommendation would be to follow the tutorial to place js8 and later install Clockwork Mode Recovery.

Once we are in Js8, we download RECOVERY, and we put it in a folder. Now we unzip the file, and we will have another file (called CF-Root-XW_NEE_JS8-v1.3-BusyBox-1.17.1.tar)  which we will place in the Odin. We open Odin, and as if we were to flash the Rom js8 we put in PDA the file that we downloaded (I leave for example the image with which it flashed js8 only that instead of going the knee.tar will have to go the file that went down termination. Tar).

We put the cell phone in download mode and flash (this will take 5 to 15 seconds) and the phone will restart. READY with this step will be loaded the recovery 2e that is necessary to install clockwork mode. Now start android download clockwork mode and place it in the internal SD. Restart the cell and enter Recovery mode and we move to the option that says “APPLY UPDATE.ZIP.” We click, and the screen will flash, and the same screen is restored and click again. Now they will see a recovery Different than at the top says clockwork mode.

Now continue to install the custom ROM.

First, look for one that pleases they can look. Since they have the file need, put it on the internal SD of the phone and restart in recovery.

  • Select WIPE DATA, YES. Go back WIPE CACHE, YES. Go back
  • Now move to Install zip from SD
  • Enter CHOSE ZIP from sd
  • They look for the file they placed in memory
  • Click INSTALL + YES

When it finishes it will tell them a message in the process log, completed, finished, or something like every custom puts it as it wants.

how to install
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Ready to reboot now and it will take a few minutes to start as it finishes installing the ROM and at the passage of that time they will be enjoying a custom ROM and different from what they are accustomed.

In the case of having Gingerbread is easier the first steps to install custom, the detail is that some have to do an extra step before installing them since in Gingerbread has been much more than Froyo to make more great modifications and Not all can be applied with a single installer as the case of Froyo.

We started, we need our cell phone already with Gingerbread either 2.3.3 or 2.3.4 in any of its versions.

We can download them from HTCmania in most of the Roms will find the way to install them since many vary but here I will summarize the steps and what to take into account.

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