How to Improve Your Home’s Kerb Appeal

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First impressions count, and how your home looks on the outside can have a significant effect on its appeal and value. Many people are put off by a shabby entrance, whereas a smart exterior can go a long way to forming immediate favourable reactions.

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An untidy front garden with a sagging fence, peeling paint and a general feeling of being unloved will not only depress the people who live there – it will drive down the value of the home should you wish to sell it.

Doors of Perception

One study found that around a third of home buyers were willing to pay up to 25 per cent more for a property if its front door had been painted, brickwork was maintained, the garden was trimmed and tidy and the windows were sparkling. Given the value of property these days, that boost from an immaculate entrance could be worth a tidy sum.

One architect said that the front door could really make a difference, as it is one of the first things people see and it is literally the face of your house. It is also an opportunity to express yourself with colour and style. This report from The Telegraph says that the kind of front doors you choose says a lot about your personality.

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Simple and Symmetrical

Lights are often better in pairs, especially if they flank a central front door. If you have plants in tubs, then make sure there is an equal number on both sides of the entrance. If the door is to one side, then space plants at regular intervals. The idea is to present a harmonious effect.

Different accessories can highlight different features of your home. Modern lights might suit a contemporary design, whereas an older style might be enhanced by welcoming lanterns on either side of the door.

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It might sound simple, but tidying up and getting rid of clutter can have a positive effect as well. If the doormat is looking a bit tatty, it would be worthwhile to invest in a new one.

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