How to help elderly people stay warm in cold weather

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Severe cold weather can be deadly for elderly people but there are some simple steps that can be taken before the chill strikes. These don’t have to be expensive – in fact, many are free – but they can be worth their weight in gold when it comes to staying healthy and happy over the colder months.

warm in cold weather

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Get a flu jab

Seasonal flu jabs are free for the elderly and can prevent serious illnesses like bronchitis or pneumonia.

It is also worth encouraging elderly friends or relatives to try to avoid catching flu or colds by taking simple hygiene precautions. Regular hand washing and the use of hand sanitiser can make a real difference in the battle against germs. Read more about this at

Live healthily

Lifestyle can make a big difference. Simply eating regular meals can help maintain energy levels and assist in the fight against infections.

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Elderly relatives should be encouraged to:

Eat a varied, healthy diet.

Have lots of hot drinks and food.

Stock up on tinned or frozen fruit and vegetables if they cannot always get fresh.

Keep warm

Whether it means wearing extra layers in London or calling out for boiler repair in Gloucester, staying warm can have a major impact on health. The elderly should ensure that their heating systems are working properly and call on companies such as if necessary.

Stay active

Health benefits can be gained by even moderate exercise. The elderly should be encouraged to move around once each hour, at the very minimum, but it is also important to consult expert advice before starting any exercise regime.

Keep heat in

Good insulation will help keep heat in and costs down, maintaining both health and bank balances. Even draught proofing can have a big impact, as can loft and wall cavity insulation. It can also pay to draw curtains to keep heat in and ensure that curtains and furniture are not obstructing radiators.

Energy obligations

Some energy companies will actually pay for installing some types of installation and heating to make homes more energy efficient, warmer and healthier. The Energy Saving Advice Service offers information on saving money and heat, including the potential for the elderly to take advantage of heavily subsidised or even free boiler repairs and insulation.

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