How to Create Excellent Cornerstone Content

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The most significant action anyone can take in building traffic with their content marketing is to create a cornerstone content piece. It’s a highly valued tool and an opportunity to attract people to your business. It’s a first impression designed to retain customers.

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Benefits of Cornerstone Content

Cornerstone content has many benefits for your business. It brings in visitors relevant to your site, increases brand awareness, assists with your site’s SEO and builds trust with customers and establishes the authority of your brand.

To help you understand the effectiveness of cornerstone content, we’ve provided some examples:

Steps to Creating Cornerstone Content

The first step is to choose the right topic for your cornerstone content piece. By doing some research, you can make sure you have something original and eye-catching.

You can create original content in many ways. How-to guides, videos, timelines and apps are all great ideas.

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Your keyword volume needs to be dense and related to your chosen topic, allowing you to capture traffic in Google searches. By looking at how other websites have utilized their use of keywords, you’re at an advantage in creating something unique.

Now it’s time to plan your content and decide whether you want to enlist the services of an expert. If you don’t have a marketing team, then you might want to consider hiring a London SEO agency such as They’ll also be able to assist you in optimizing your content for SEO, including imaging and social networks.

When it comes to creating the content, remember that quality matters more than quantity. Keywords should naturally occur throughout the content, and remember to match them to the intentions of the visitors. Approval ratings matter, and you should aim to get them as high as possible.

Promoting your content is essential. Use email lists and social media to attract your target audience to your content and give it a boost in the rankings. Once you have taken these steps, you can sit back and monitor how your content is received.

Content should be regularly maintained to keep customers interested in your brand. There are always new features to add, and you can run tests to see if you can achieve even more business value. Constantly updating your content will keep your brand appealing.

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