How to clean your bathroom roller blinds

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Having blinds in your bathroom window is a great option and one that is easier to maintain than cloth curtains. More modern than frosted glass, blinds allow you to inject some real personality into the smallest room, which might otherwise be forgotten about.

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Benefits of roller blinds

Roller blinds are a sound choice. They allow you the privacy in the bathroom when you need it, but still allow you to open the blinds and the window as you like. As with anything, it will need regular cleaning to keep it looking its best and to ensure your bathroom is a clean and safe space.

Choose the material for your blind well and you will find it much easier to clean – waterproof blinds are perfect! A bathroom by nature is very humid and a great environment for mould to grow, so having a practical, wipe-clean fabric will make a big difference in maintaining the look and performance.

Browse ranges from specialist retailers such as UC Blinds to get the best choice of fabric design and material, with advice on design and fitting.

Basic cleaning

The easiest way is the adage ‘little and often’. Wind the blind down as far as it will go and wipe from top to bottom using a clean, damp cloth. Dry if necessary before rolling back up, or leave to dry overnight if easier.

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Stubborn stains

If you find a mark that you cannot remove using water alone, try adding a gentle stain removal product designed specifically for fabrics. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to treat the stained area. It might be that the treated area dries a different colour from the rest of the blind, in which case you might need to treat the whole surface.

The Spruce has some more ideas on cleaning blinds. This no longer has to be something you dread doing or put off.

You might find over time that the mechanism on the blind grows stiff or noisy, in which case you could use a silicone spray to get things moving again. This is safe to use in areas prone to moisture, such as bathrooms or kitchens. As before, be sure to read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for safe use, and avoid spraying directly onto the fabric of the blind.

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