How the Scouts safeguard its members

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Most children thrive when taking part in group activities. This is just one of the many reasons why the Scouts is so popular. If you’re thinking of getting your child involved in the Scouts but are worried about the safeguarding issues that may arise when you are not around, just take a look at all the Scouting team does to protect its members.

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Code of behaviour

Anyone who is volunteering to supervise or encourage children to take part in activities is given a code of behaviour to follow, no matter how big or small their role is. This ensures that all children are treated equally and enjoy their time participating in the activity. The code of behaviour is available for parents to see on the Scouts’ website.


Each leader is required to complete several courses to ensure that they are able to protect the group. This includes courses in child protection and ones in first aid to make sure they are equipped to deal with any issues should they arise.

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Police check

A criminal record check is required for anyone who wishes to work with young people and leaders will also be asked to provide references. If you feel that a police check will help to safeguard those you work with, or are responsible for, you can look at how to obtain one on websites such as


Groups are encouraged to go on outings or camps to give them the best possible scouting experience. Your child’s leader will always give you plenty of notice and ask for permission if an outing is planned. You will also be given contact information should you need to contact the group whilst they are away.


The Scouts has seen a rise in popularity in recent years with many groups having long waiting lists to join. The idea of an adventure group for young people hasn’t been lost on adults with the recent introduction of adult summer camps. Grown ups are encouraged to release their inner child whilst participating in similar activities found in the Scouts and various summer camps.

If you had any doubt about your child’s safety whilst participating in the Scouts, this list of safeguarding actions should hopefully reassure you. Young people will have the opportunity to learn and socialise all whilst being cared for.

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