Honeymoon in Asia

Honeymoon in Asia: 10 countries worth knowing

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Asian destinations are always the most exotic and mystical to visit during the honeymoon. If any of these countries catch your attention, but you are not sure about taking the step, check this list of the most important destinations in the East. Let’s know about the country for celebrating honeymoon in Asia

One of the parties that will most enthuse you in the planning of the wedding will be to choose the destination for the honeymoon. Along with the choice of the wedding dress, you should think of destinations that catch your attention, how about the honeymoon in Asia? If your destination is especially inspiring, you can even make the aesthetics of the chosen country permeate your celebration of ideas. Keep reading: How to plan a trip to Botswana: Okavango Delta

Maybe they can recreate Hindu mandalas in their original wedding invitations, put a sushi bar in the reception, exotic flowers in their centerpieces for the wedding or put together a choreography in the Bollywood style in the animation of the party.

Honeymoon in Asia: 10 countries

Asian countries offer a variety of attractions and are distinguished by their cultures and traditions so different from the Western. Get to know the main Honeymoon in Asia destinations with enough charm for your first trip of spouses.

1. Cambodia

Honeymoon in Asia

In addition to being a very attractive destination, you will be surprised to know that in Cambodia transport, food and accommodation are cheap compared to other destinations in Asia. The climate is tropical and most of the time it is humid with an average temperature of 30 degrees. To avoid rains, the best time to travel is between November and February.

Enjoy their cuisine based on rice, soups and noodles flavored with ginger and spicy spices.

One of the main visits within the country is the Archaeological Park of Angkor , which dates back to the 9th century and is recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. In this same place, you can not miss the temples of Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom that attract thousands of tourists every year.

These remains are about 330 kilometers to the north and five and a half hours journey from the capital of the country, Phnom Penh , where you can make a tour in the tuk tuk or motorized tricycles to admire the large number of pagodas that houses the city.

And if you continue your way to the south, do not miss visiting the most crystalline beaches of the region. In Sihanoukville you will find quiet beaches where you can enjoy the company of your partner and rest while exchanging short love thoughts in an unforgettable landscape.

You can find round flights from 22 thousand pesos per person , however, you should consider the season and the time in advance to get better prices.

2. China

Honeymoon in Asia

This is one of the main destinations in Asia. If you have the opportunity to get to know the country on your first married trip, do not miss its main attractions. Obviously, the ancient Chinese Wall is untouchable and in Badaling you will find the best preserved area.

The Forbidden City, in Beijing , is part of the imperial legacy: let yourself be immersed in the majesty of the emperors. And if the sun is suffocating, cool off by taking a walk through the Summer Palace: the best refuge!

Appreciate the skyline in Shanghai, its financial capital , where you can also enjoy the contrast of the old city and modernity, as well as its beautiful gardens.

Hong Kong is another metropolis with the greatest technological advance where you will enjoy the nightlife, urban walks and enjoy delicious Cantonese food. And do not forget the souvenirs for your family and friends! If they see a very attractive detail it can even become an original wedding souvenir delivered extemporaneously.

If you are interested in a plan with more nature, you can organize a visit to see the adorable panda bears up close. In Chengdu there are centers of conservation and breeding of these tender bears.

The best time to travel to China is during the spring or autumn , since in the winter there is heavy snow and the cold will not let them enjoy the outdoor walks. Depending on the season, you will find round flights from 23 thousand pesos per person leaving from Mexico City.

3. South Korea

Honeymoon in Asia

In this country you will find many tourist and cultural destinations among which the Hwaseong Fortress stands out . It is considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and is located in Suwon, very close to the South Korean capital, Seoul. In these buildings you can visit the hull, a sanctuary and a palace.

Almost at the other end of the country, in the southeast, you will find Mount Namsam, where you will find a very spiritual environment surrounded by temples, nature and sculptures.

For those who love shopping, there is Daegu. In this city there is a great variety of shopping centers, shops and restaurants. Take the opportunity to buy a long party dress , get acquainted with oriental fashion trends, acquire the latest technological gadget or a disco of k-pop music , the genre that causes a sensation in South Korea and since the 90’s is exported to the rest of the world. world.

The best time to visit South Korea is between September and November, during these dates you will enjoy the colors of autumn and a milder climate. In addition, during this time the concentration of tourists is lower. If you are especially interested, you will find flights from 25 thousand pesos per person in round trip.

4. India

Honeymoon in Asia

The most emblematic place in India is the Taj Mahal, not for nothing this set of buildings located in Agra is considered one of the seven wonders of the world. In Goa you will find fabulous beaches , nightlife and markets with typical curiosities.

To know the cradle of Hinduism, Varanasi awaits you. It is a sacred city in which, in addition to the Ganges River, you will see majestic temples.

You can not leave without eating a typical curry with vegetables, chicken or fish, basmati rice and, as dessert, gulab jamun , a mass of condensed milk and flour, with a round shape, which is fried. If you start looking for information now, you can find inspiration for the pastry from your wedding candy table .

India is a very large country and has a great variety of climatic conditions. However, the best season to get to know it is between November and February , since the climate is cooler and will minimize the possibility of facing the monsoons. The prices of the tickets are from 28 thousand pesos per person .

5. Japan

Honeymoon in Asia

The Mount Fuji is the largest active volcano in Japan . If you are ready to climb it, the ideal season is in September. Another place that should not be missed is Kyoto , where they will learn about Japanese culture and traditions. In addition, they will have the opportunity to meet the enigmatic geishas and contemplate the Kiyomizu-dera temple.

In Osaka visit Dotonbori and the Shinsaibashi gallery. You will find shopping areas, typical food and many activities to enjoy your partner. You can also admire the Abeno Harukas, a 300-meter high skyscraper that stands out in the middle of the urban landscape.

And as they will surely fly to Tokyo, you might be interested in a trip to Shirakawa-go, a picturesque town 360 kilometers from the Japanese capital where they will appreciate the typical architecture of wooden houses and film landscapes .

Japanese cuisine is one of the best in the world for the combination of flavors. They will taste the freshness of their dishes headed by sushi, an authentic ramen, tempura, rice, misoshiro and raw seafood.

Japan’s climate can be adverse for a perfect honeymoon. In September there are typhoons, in December snowy and during the summer it is very hot, so the ideal season is between March and April , when the cherry trees also bloom, a great show!

Consider also the difficulty of moving around Japan: its geography consists of four main islands , although the archipelago comprises some 3,000 smaller islands. Although the trip implies a heavy investment there are flights available from 28 thousand pesos .

6. Maldives

Honeymoon in Asia

To begin, visit the capital of Maldives. In Male, you can get to know the culture, the daily life of its inhabitants and understand the traditions of the area. Once installed on the beach, you just have to enjoy the scenery, the turquoise blue waters and relax in front of the sea.

They can do water activities such as diving or snorkeling or spend a romantic evening admiring the sunset and remembering the most emotional moments of their wedding, like when the groom first saw his wife walking to the altar with her mermaid wedding dress . Exchange impressions in this paradise, make your top ten of best memories and relive the emotions you experienced during the big day.

Typical food is mashuni, fish curry, rice, rihaakuru , tuna and a variety of tropical fruits . The tropical climate of the Maldives is generally warm; However, from November to April there is less chance of rains to be able to sunbathe on its dream beaches. The cheapest flights start from 20 thousand pesos per person round trip.

7. Singapore

Honeymoon in Asia

In Singapore there is always something to be done. Cultural, gastronomic and religious festivals are constantly organized . In this city state you will find a variety of activities and places to visit. For example, the beaches of the island of Sentosa that are wonderful.

It has museums and activities for the more adventurous, such as Universal Studios facilities that will be well worth visiting. In Marina Bay you can also take pictures with the statue of lion-mermaid, one of the emblems of the city, or go shopping on Orchard Road where you will find a variety of shops and shopping centers. Do not miss the Sultan Mosque, a gold-domed mosque , where you could take a photo to share with your guests in your Wedshoots .

Among the typical dishes you can taste the famous crab, satay (skewers of chicken or pork), rice noodles with meat and vegetables or steamed rice with chicken.

This country is visited throughout the year, since the climatic conditions will not influence to have a pleasant and romantic honeymoon. However, the months with less tourist influx are July and August , so they will enjoy less saturated spaces. In low season you can buy flights from 18 thousand pesos per person.

8. Israel

Honeymoon in Asia

The best time to get to know Israel is during the spring . Because it is a desert country, during the summer the temperatures are very high and in winter it snows. Your honeymoon will be very interesting, you will know museums and places with great historical impact.

Visit the Western Wall , considered the most sacred place in Judaism, as well as the Temple of Jerusalem, the Temple of Solomon, which dates from the tenth century BC, and the Temple Mount.

If you are a believer, you will find a moment of spirituality and connection with your faith. Imagine bringing the rosaries to the Holy Land that they will give as wedding souvenirs for the wedding , it will be a very special feeling.

On this vacation you will get to know the authentic Arabic bread, hummus, falafel, shakshuka and halva , among other dishes of the region. You will find flights from 22 thousand pesos round trip .

9. Turkey

Honeymoon in Asia

If you are interested in the History of Humanity, Turkey will be a perfect place. They will know the beginnings of ancient civilizations , as well as their vast culture and a melting pot of religions.

You can start with Istanbul, the old Constantinople , which is one of the favorite cities for tourists. The mosques are the main architectural attraction: they will know the Blue Mosque and the Hagia Sophia.

For incredible natural landscapes Göreme, in Cappadocia, is distinguished by its rock formations, some of which house churches and monasteries. In this place you can take a hot air balloon tour to admire the unique landscape from the sky, a trip that may remind you of that spectacular and aerial delivery of the engagement ring that will remind you of all those emotions.

In Troy they will know a replica of the Trojan Horse . Currently, it is an archaeological site declared a World Heritage Site, so they will be privileged to know the history and culture of so many centuries ago.

In Turkish gastronomy you will find many combinations of flavors and smells . The most common is to try the mezes , whose ingredients are seafood, eggplant, olives, peppers and cheese or Turkish pizza, called lahmacum, whose main ingredient is meat. And you can not miss a baklava , a delicious dessert with honey that is now exported to the whole world.

To travel to Turkey, autumn is recommended . Besides having a pleasant climate and less hot, it will be when there are fewer visitors. You will find flights from 18 thousand pesos per person .

10. Vietnam

Honeymoon in Asia

Visit their capital, Hanoi, a very fast city where they will be immersed in culture. Also do not stop diving in the islands of Nha Trang , where you will appreciate the marine fauna and the most spectacular reefs.

You can tour the rice fields of Sapa, delight your palate in Ho Chi Minh and enjoy the beaches in Phu Quoc. As in most of Asia, the food is based on meat, chicken and fish, combined with vegetables and, mainly, rice and bun bo hue , which is a delicious soup with noodles.

The months with the most pleasant and temperate climate are from January to April: they will avoid the cold and the rains that could hinder the rides. It is possible to find round flights from 20 thousand pesos per person.

As you can see, each of these countries has its particular charm. Honeymoon in Asia will depend on what you are looking for for the honeymoon, be it fun and adventure, or rest and romantic walks. Either way, you will learn a lot from other cultures and come back with many experiences and memories for a lifetime. You might also like: http://www.speakymagazine.com/21-tricks-for-traveling-cheap-how-to-go-around-the-world-spending-little/

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