Happy New Petrol

Happy New Petrol

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What happens in this country is a tragedy, to say the least, and the saddest and most painful of the matter is “HERE DOES NOT HAPPEN, AND NOTHING HAPPENS,” society lives in a spiral of I cannot even say it, but let’s see why.

After Christmas, in the country, we wake up with the great gift of Santa Claus and of course “right” to start the year. That news is the massive increase, unjustified and without sustenance in the price of fuel. To establish moments And times to “adjust” it.

Up the gasoline hands

According to information issued by the Energy Regulatory Commission ( CRE ) and the DHCP, the maximum price for the period January 1 to February 3 will be $ 15.99 (specifically speaking of the Magna). After that there we will see how the adjustment comes.

Energy Regulatory Commission
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Again, in the clamor of the stupidity of the federal government, today a “presidential,” as they call it pseudo-journalists, pseudo-analysts and other fools, Jose Antonio Meade said “Mexicans do not have to be scared because the price of Gasoline is going to be “divorced” for tax reasons or political reasons.”

There is no doubt that this ball of clowns lives in another country, but in Mexico, I do not think so, the next blow is for the entire production chain, why? As simple as food (including everything) must be transported is free? Transport uses fuel is free?, all products must be taken to the shops is it free ?, do not be a wise or have a Ph.D. In Economics at MIT or California or where they say they have it to know it … but wisely now Deputy Secretary said, “.we did not observe an inflationary spiral, but rather, the results of inflation were consistent with the Bank inflation target Of Mexico”.

Gasoline pumps

According to available statistics, the increase in fuel so far in the six-year period has been $ 5.18 (Magna, to speak of others that are more expensive). As of December 2016 from $ 10.81 to $ 15.99, when according to Peña Nieto Indicated that from the blissful ” Energy Reform,” would not raise the cost of gasoline.

One more of the lies, but there does not end the point, according to data from the DHCP. The price is determined in the audacity of Taking out and take out and take out more resources via taxes, according to the data the gasoline has the scandalous average of 22% of IOPS and would have to increase VAT. I hope this is the clearance of competition for 2018 and not go So far. In the following state elections (including the State of Mexico).

How much does gasoline cost in Mexico in 2017?

Yesterday also commented government sources that were to be competitive with whom? To increase the value, Mexico has exceeded in the cost of fuel to USA, Panama, Bolivia, Ecuador. Because not to Guatemala and El Salvador, Being an oil country but selling to the highest bidder all that represents the refining, drilling, and transfer of fuels. Making a little emphasis concerning the top price of what they offer in the US, it is worth making the point. In the USA. A cost $ 2.2 USD, in Mexico it will be $ 3 USD, but the salary is an aberration, in the USA. Per day is $ 58 USD, in Mexico $ 3.8 USD, what do the nefarious fifth-cent politicians talk about?

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But once again I am aware that this will not generate anything in the sense of society and people because it seems that nothing is going on here, the only thing that sells is stupidity and promotion to questions without meaning are by the means of Communication spending time on television, radio, electronic media. Every town has the ruler it deserves.


It would be postulated by the Young Party led by Edgar Puentes, and it seems that he has not been able to do so). As he had predicted shamelessness, zero ethics, zero personality, influence peddling, rates and so on. Nor dignity nor education to have this type of relations for a local reputation, but that does not end the question, according to the “anti-corruption.”

Ochoa Reza said that he would not apply to this type of people, but someone should make him see that the Party above seeks an agreement to run for both parties. Dirt only seeks more power and money than it has been stolen.

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