Growing demand for corporate events with a digital twist

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Increasingly, those who are booking corporate events fall into the classification of “millennials”, those born between 1980 and 1995 and who grew up immersed in digital technology. Whether this requires the input of a “twitter-wall” or the use of an iPad for filmmaking, the increased demand has led to a surge in digital corporate events on the market.

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Millennial corporate thinking

It has been reported by conference news that those in this age group now make up almost half of business-to-business decision makers. Their influence is, therefore, such that increasingly it is expected that corporate events will include a digital element.

Plus enhanced teamwork skills

Team building corporate events can help companies to improve their employees’ cohesiveness, problem-solving and innovative skills. They can help both individuals and groups develop these skill sets through experiences that are designed to require teamwork, communication and imaginative thinking. When these corporate events incorporate digital technology, it can help team building between different generations as each person has their own particular skills that they can bring to the table. A senior manager in their 50s may bring excellent leadership skills for example, but the more junior member of a team is likely to be vital to their team’s success if their challenge includes digital technology.

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What is involved?

From technology-driven scavenger hunts, to mock “bake off” competitions, to your fun-filled tank paintball battles as offered by, the choice is yours. Many companies offer bespoke programmes that can be catered to your specific requirements.

Such activities are not just a gimmick or an excuse for a day trip out of the office. Many businesses use such day events to build their team’s confidence, trust and communication skills, and genuinely find that they get the results that they need. Everyone has a chance to relax and work together on a task that is totally (or seemingly totally) unrelated to their day job, and discover the hidden skills that both they and their colleagues have.

Whether you are interested in creating a better working environment for your workers, improve their cohesion, or simply wish to reward your team for recent hard work, a team building day out should not be seen as daunting. It genuinely can improve an office atmosphere and ensure that your employees return to work with a smile on their faces.

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