Great Ways to Organise Your Garage

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Garages can be fantastic storage solutions for all your outdoor and car accessories, as well as creating additional space for items you don’t want to throw away. However, they can quickly become cluttered if you don’t use the space effectively and there are some creative ways to organise your garage.

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Wall Storage

The walls of your garage can often go unused, but they are ideal for keeping things neat and tidy and ensuring you don’t loose small items. For instance, you could create a slat wall or use a pegboard to give you some extra storage space. Then it’s easy enough to hang items such as garden tools from the slates, or place them in baskets or on garage shelving to keep things together.

Create Your Own Workbench

If you fancy having a workbench in your garage, you don’t have to go to the expense of buying a new one. Many of us have an old chest of drawers or desk that we’d simply throw away, but with a little bit of effort these can be turned into practical storage units and a workbench.

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Use the Ceiling

There are lots of areas of the garage that can be used for storage, including the ceiling. If you find you have too much space once it’s better organised, there are even companies that can connect you with people locally who are looking for additional storage, so you can make some extra money.

Ceiling storage is a great solution for bikes, fishing tackle and long tools. The space above the garage door can also be utilised by fitting garage shelving for storing items that you don’t use on a regular basis.

Family Storage

When you have children the garage can soon become full of their toys and rubbish, so give everyone their own space to make it more organised. For example, you could repurpose some old school style lockers or give each of them a drawer or part of the garage shelving where they can keep everything.

Low Maintenance Flooring

It’s quick and easy to spruce up the flooring in your garage and help to protect it from damp, so that it’s easier to maintain. You can paint the concrete flooring in a different colour, which will brighten up the space, or simply give it a good clean.

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