German firms collaborate to create super smart fork lifts

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A number of industries in Germany and across the globe rely on forklifts to keep their operations running smoothly, but these vehicles have some rather large risks attached. Vetter Industrie GmbH, a forklift specialist, and Motec GmbH, a developer and manufacturer of state-of-the-art, heavy-duty camera monitoring systems have collaborated to create trendsetting solutions for implementation by logistics companies in an effort to make forklifts safer.

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As a result, they have come up with the SmartFork, a forklift equipped with electronic sensors that delivers information to the operator in order to improve workplace efficiency and safety standards.

Improving Safety in the Workplace

Regular news reports of forklift accidents have highlighted the need for innovations that make the workplace safer. For forklift drivers, an intuitive camera system can help with everyday tasks.

On the SmartFork, the camera system relays information to the driver, making every task much safer. Sensors have also been added to a number of forklift models in order to alert drivers to any potential hazards they may come across. German engineering firms have looked at features of large cars and trucks and have worked out where they can be implemented in the development of forklifts. Although these vehicles are small and may be used for anything from stacking pallets to moving rivet shelving, there is a large amount of risk involved when they are used in large warehouses.

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Shelving and pallets may be light, but the environment in which these and other items are moved is less than safe. By adding advanced features to forklifts, workplace accidents can be reduced.

Reducing Risks

Even if a firm buys pallet racking through or another reputable supplier, there can be a risk associated with moving large volumes of items, especially if a forklift is involved.

With so many accidents involving forklifts, it’s easy to see why innovative technology is being used to keep drivers, workers and materials or manufactured products out of harm’s way. Vetter and Motec’s collaboration is only one of many that are in progress, and there will certainly be more to come as business owners and large enterprises realise that by upgrading their forklifts, they can streamline operations and reduce safety risks at the same time. This means they can save money while potentially saving lives.

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