Four Steps for Saving Water at Home

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Most homes waste a huge amount of water every day, and it is a natural resource that we don’t often consider saving as we do with electricity and gas. But making some simple changes to how we use water in the home can make a big difference to the amount we waste.

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Waterwise, a not-for-profit organisation, also has some great advice about how to save water at home.

Switch It Off

It may seem simple, but how often do you start running the sink to do the dishes and get distracted by something else? Before you know it, gallons of water can have disappeared down the plughole. Even a tap that’s just dripping can waste more than five thousand litres of water a year.

On the subject of dripping and plumbing, have you considered the material used for the pipes in your home? In some circumstances, a difficult to route pipe, one which you may not be able to seal properly and may be dripping, could be replaced with a different material, such as one from a silicone hose manufacturer. These types of pipes can withstand high temperatures and are normally food safe so could be used for WRAS applications. A silicone hose manufacturer would be able to advise you on the correct usage, but are there any silicone hose manufacturers in the UK? The short answer is yes.

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Shorter Shower Time

Most water we waste goes straight down the plughole, and the shower is one of the biggest culprits. While it’s tempting first thing on a morning to stand under the shower for ages, letting the warm water bring you slowly to life, you can save over nine litres of water by simply cutting your shower time by sixty seconds.

When you’re at the point of replacing your shower, why not consider one with a flow regulator? It cut down the number of litres per minute your shower pumps out.

Switch to Dual Flush

Spending a penny can cost a fortune in wasted water, but switching your cistern to a more up-to-date dual flush option can cut the volume of waste by up to almost half.

Try Out Eco Settings

Switching your taps or showerheads to those with an eco-setting gives you more control of how much water you are using and when.

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