Food and recipes suitable for a paleo diet

These are the foods allowed in the paleo diet (recipes to prepare them)

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The diet that our ancestors had in the Paleolithic era, was much healthier than the one we carry today, with more fiber, less sodium and of course, without processed or ultra-processed. Thus, it has given rise to the paleo diet, of which we tell you the allowed foods and recipes to prepare them.

According to US scientists, the paleo diet may offer more benefits than the diet recommended by the American Diabetes Association for blood lipid control and glucose levels. These benefits were also proven by a study published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition that states that the well-planned paleo diet can offer different metabolic effects that benefit health. Keep reading: Why is it important to eat healthily?

However, it is important that the paleo diet be adequate in quantity and quality to the needs of each person, because otherwise, it can cause nutrient deficiencies, especially calcium.

Food and recipes suitable for a paleo diet

Food and recipes suitable for a paleo diet

If you have subscribed to a paleo diet in the attempt to lose weight or improve the quality of what you consume in a habitual way avoiding refined flours, simple and ultra-processed sugars, you should know that these are the foods and recipes that can help you take it finished:


It is one of the sources of proteins used in the paleo diet with which you can prepare a variety of preparations in combination with vegetables and fruits or, together with other meats.

Thus, we can elaborate for example steamed asparagus with poached egg , baked eggs with zucchini , pomegranate pan and eggs , cloud eggs or cloud eggs with which we can accompany any dish, omelette for breakfast, among others.

Turkey and chicken

They are two popular poultry meats that are included among the protein sources of the paleo diet and we recommend using the brisket first of all because it is the one with more protein and less fat concentrates, choosing the fresh option, since the turkey breast meat or processed options may have starch and sugars that are not allowed in the paleo diet.

Food and recipes suitable for a paleo diet

With these two ingredients we can make round turkey and apple in pressure cooker , in which we should use homemade and non-commercial vegetable broth, juicy chicken breast baked with spices , chicken marinated in cumin or roasted chicken breast with potatoes and lemon carrots .


The rabbit is one of the best quality meats in terms of fat and protein profile, so the paleo diet includes it among their allowed foods.

With this ingredient, we can make some baked small fingers , a roasted rabbit with several mushrooms if we avoid the wine and the bacon of the recipe, as well as a rabbit to the pot with carrots and mushrooms .

Veal and pork

They are two red meats that the paleo diet admits and of which we recommend choosing lean cuts like legs, loin or sirloin, among others .

With veal and pork we can prepare, for example, baked picanha with potatoes and peppers , round roast veal (avoid the wine of the recipe), or a simple steak of these grilled meats.

Octopus and squid

Other excellent sources of protein in the paleo diet are these two ingredients that will stimulate chewing and provide very little fat .

With octopus and squid we can make from a salad to a sautéed or a tasty and easy Galician octopus.

Food and recipes suitable for a paleo diet

Tuna, salmon including sardines

They are the options of bluefish that the paleo diet allows adding omega 3 and quality proteins to the usual table.

With them we can make a tuna with onion in paprika (do not use the wine suggested by the recipe), a salad with tuna or salmon, a grilled salmon, a few rolls of sardines with baked vegetables or a simple baked salmon with herbs.


It is the white fish that is most used in the paleo diet and is very light due to its low contribution of fat so it is one of the few foods that we can consume without worrying about getting fat .

With hake we can make simple skewers or a hake with different vegetables, as well as a colorful salad .


With avocado, a source of good fats and a lot of potassium, we can elaborate a variety of recipes . Among the most recommended for a paleo diet are an omelette with avocado , an avocado salmorejo (without wine), some avocados with eggs baked ideal for breakfast or a tasty dessert if we avoid sweeteners and choose coconut milk to its preparation.

Various fruits

Food and recipes suitable for a paleo diet

The fruits are a basic part of the paleo diet, with meat and vegetables, and can incorporate them as such as a fresh dessert or healthy or snack in several preparations.

For example, we can make some banana pancakes for breakfast , smoothie bowl with coconut milk and pineapple, salads or a simple fruit salad or brochettes, without yogurt or added sugars.

Grated coconut, coconut milk, and coconut oil

The coconut is one of the options for obtaining fats that the paleo diet proposes and with the coconut milk we can replace many preparations that include cow’s milk or goat that in this proposal do not take place.

So, for example, we can make cookies with grated coconut without flour or sugar, a broccoli pan with spices and coconut, or a raw vegan cake with coconut and cashews in which we recommend avoiding the syrup suggested by the recipe. These are all foods allowed in the paleo diet and variety of recipes to include them in your table every day.

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