Five Ways to Create a Happy Office

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It is becoming clearer that happiness levels both within the environment in which people work and experienced by the individuals within the working environment can have a significant impact on creativity and productivity. With growing stress levels resulting in mental health issues within the work place, many employers are being hit by underperforming staff members and absences from work.

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It is therefore essential that employers look for ways in which they can help to create a happy office. Here are some tips to encourage happiness.


The environment in which we work can have a huge impact on our mental health. The layout of the office (which can be advised upon by office fit out companies), the amount of clutter and even the colour scheme should be considered when thinking about changes to be made. You may wish to create a fun, creative space in order to inspire your workers or perhaps design a calm, serene working environment with clean lines and simple colours.


80 per cent of workers say being appreciated is one of the most important things for their happiness. This comes before salary at 68 per cent, but only 50 per cent of workers feel appreciated. This is therefore an area for growth that companies can seek to achieve.

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Invest in Technology

There is nothing more frustrating than having insufficient technology to complete your work efficiently. In order to avoid the stress of dealing with this on a day-to-day basis, employers may wish to consider investing in the best possible technology that could also enable flexible working and maximize available office space, including communal areas. You could look at ideas from office fit out companies in order to gain inspiration.

Encourage Friendships Within the Workplace

According to the BBC, having friends at the office improves not only your mood and outlook at work but also your performance. Setting up weekly or monthly social events can help to create bonds between staff members.


This complaint comes up time and time again, with many saying that lack of communication creates a divide between the employees and employer. Finding ways to allow employees time to voice their opinions and give feedback as well as hear encouragement from employers will certainly help to raise happiness levels.

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