Five Tips for Cleaning Laminate Flooring

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Laminate is a great ‘entry-level’ option for homeowners because of the wealth of variations and because it’s so versatile and hard-wearing. There are still some clear dos and don’t’s for keeping it clean.

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1. Ditch the Broom

Sweeping with a traditional broom leaves behind a lot of dust particles that could scratch the floor when mopped. A vacuum cleaner is more effective.

2. No More Liquids

Clearly, an element of wet cleaner is helpful, but avoid soaking completely because moisture can seep into gaps and causing irreparable swelling. Use damp cloths only.

3. Baby Shampoo

Not only kind to babies’ hair, baby shampoo is very effective at cleaning floors, and it’s a fraction of the price of labelled floor cleaner. Mix one tablespoonful with a bucket of warm water, but wring out the mop before you start cleaning.

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4. Buff the Stuff

Use a microfibre cloth to buff the floor and really make it shine once the dust has been removed.

5. Protection

Take care of your floor and it will last a long time. Prevent dirt from getting on the floor in the first place by encouraging people to remove shoes, and deal with spillages immediately.

If you’ve decided that laminate is for you, visit a specialist retailer like

For more tips on keeping your laminate flooring looking its best, check out the tips from The Spruce.

Regular cleaning will bring the best results, so try the “little and often” approach.


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