Eat healthy

Eat low, varied and healthy

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In the matter of food, several small portions can be much healthier than one or two huge ones.

Eating is a pleasure that depends on both quality and quantity. But if this is true, why do we sometimes feel so hungry that it makes us Eat healthy in excessive amounts and without control? Because we let our bodies deprive ourselves of food for too long and trigger survival alarms, we chew too fast, and we do not allow time for the mechanisms of satiety to work.

What do you think about this eating manual?

Eat healthy
Eat healthy

Good eating manuals always speak of having breakfast like a king, having lunch like a prince and eating like a beggar. Although this still holds true, more recent studies point out that it is better to Eat healthy at least five smalls, varied, healthy meals Distributed throughout the day than just those three. The reasons?

Eat healthy
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Goodbye to hunger anxiety

What is recommended is to divide the diet into five meals a day, so that approximately every three hours our body has enough food substrate and not be metabolically stressed, generating defense mechanisms that force the body to accumulate fat as Reserve for times of prolonged fasting.

Eat healthy
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On the one hand, because stable insulin levels are maintained, and the hunger “alarms” generated by the hormone cortisol are eliminated, which makes us feel the need to Eat healthy in excessive amounts. If we are satiated most of the time, we do not feel the urge to bite or eat us in a single food intake, and we also avoid destabilizing all the physiological and metabolic processes, leading to nutritional alterations.

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On the other hand, chewing slowly allows for better digestion and satiety, making the connection between brain and stomach synchronized and this process is carried out correctly. It is recommended to take at least 20 minutes to eat in a way that gives proper chewing and healthy digestion.

If there is no shortage, there is no accumulation

Eat healthy
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The body is a perfect machine and develops the mechanism of assimilation of nutrients, so that it predicts, depending on what is living, what awaits and therefore what to do. When he leaves the organism for many hours without giving him food, he interprets that there is “shortage” and accumulates as fat everything that comes to him to avoid being left without reserves.

Increased efficiency in digestion

When we ingest the food, these are broken down into nutrients thanks to the absorption that is performed in the stomach and the small intestine. If you are given large amounts of food, the digestive system looks saturated and does not work as efficiently as it does with small quantities, converting food, not into nutrients, but directly into fat.

Quality raw material

Eat a day does not mean eating anything. The amounts of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, and minerals should be balanced. In each meal, there must be a good quality protein (as they give the sensation of satiety), fruit or vegetable (to add fiber) and a carbohydrate (energy) and fats should go in less quantity.


In the middle of the morning and something should not consume more than 15% to 20% of the necessary nutrients of the day.


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