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Earn quick money in the 21st century

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There is currently a very interesting debate about the effect of the fourth industrial revolution related to robotics and artificial intelligence. While some say that artificial intelligence destroys employment, others say that employment will be more sophisticated, since they will no longer use their hands for sustenance but their brains to make quick money with more sophisticated goods.

Personally, I believe that we all always look for a new self, something like a constant search for progress in our lives, including the way we want to work. Keep reading: 6 Tips to Promote Your Business with a Reduced Budget

How to earn quick money?

Earn quick money

In the world of work, the way people continue to generate their resources does not match the social, technological, environmental, legal, economic and political dynamics of the territories at present. This situation is a big problem since a large part of the trades and jobs that were once the pride of our parents and grandparents today are in danger of disappearing.

Today there are cases of collection lawyers’ signatures that are already being replaced by software that does a large part of the collection processes.

The same happens with the manufacturing industry, the activity that historically has generated many jobs; today we see that labor is replaced by more efficient mechatronics equipment, that never tires and that much less need labor compensations or incentives.

It is a reality, the world of work has already changed, people are not prepared and it will be a very hard blow for their personal finances as family members.

What to do when the sources of livelihood are obsolete?

Earn quick money

The key is in very good education, and not any kind of education. We are talking about education that teaches how to earn fast money. The problem is not competing with the neighbor on the block or with another professional colleague from the university, the city or the country. The very serious problem is that it’s up to compete against someone who can do the same or get something much better from another country, at competitive prices.

Key to understanding the problem is to know what progress is being made by the human species with respect to their moments of life, the experiences they want to have and their frustrations with respect to what currently exists.

My first recommendation is that people should be attuned to changes in people’s habits and early signs of change with respect to emerging disciplines, which usually combine several pure or social sciences to meet the demands that society itself is demanding. Therefore the industry must attend with qualified personnel even in professions that do not exist today.

Earn quick money with professions that do not exist today?

Earn quick money

Irremediably that is the sentence that many companies dedicated to the recruitment of personnel come proclaiming. What are those professions? I invite you to review the following infographic:

In these so-called emergent professions (by the way, they are not all), there will be a greater future demand than that even with the software industry. They have the characteristic that dominates the intensive and productive use of knowledge and with objectives that point to several challenges that humanity will have in the next 20 years:

Obtaining cheaper and less invasive energy sources with the planet compared to fossil fuels.

Miniaturization with greater processing capacity, as support for the race to conquer space, better communication systems and more advanced developments in sensory for life.

Agricultural development without water or soil.

A purely digital commerce (practically all world trade and almost everything we do on the physical plane will migrate to digital worlds)

Robots that will do the routine tasks of us (call, prepare food, and take children to school among others)

And why do I say that you can earn fast money with those professions?

As there is no offer, the pioneers who are riding this bus will be the first to earn a lot of money in companies that already feel pressured by these changes.

How to study something where advances are incipient?

Earn quick money

This is the challenge: to not exist as such a university or educational center teaching these things, it is necessary to identify which are the related disciplines that exist today and be up to date. I consider that the fundamental characteristic of these professions is that they mix knowledge of two or three branches of science. For example, energy technologies rely on software, mechanical engineering, physics, chemistry, electronics and industrial design. All are disciplines that exist today but are generalists. The idea is that you specialize in a profitable and difficult to copy discipline.

For example, applied chemistry for the generation of energy, or software development that supports emerging companies related to biostatistics or engineering applied to biological systems such as organs and tissues.

The GIG economy transformed the labor market

Earn quick money

The other message that I bring to professionals is that job security is not possible in the 21st century. Due to the pressures of globalization, the companies have disaggregated their processes into critics that do not generate value, and critics that generate value but that are strategic. These two types of processes have a very high impact on costs, so they try to outsource them.

For this reason, the so-called self-employed workers or freelancers are the new workforce of companies. This new kind of worker has generated a more flexible and results-based model of labor relations.

Companies such as UBER, Urban Messengers, Workana, among others, are the new intermediaries of the demand for workers and the offer based on the auction (the best price, the highest value delivered).

Like it or not, they have to develop skills that are essential if they want to make quick money:

  • Learn to sell and negotiate their knowledge according to the impact they can generate on a potential contractor of their knowledge.
  • Develop a means of promotion and dissemination to be visible to millions of people who do the same.
  • Specialization, seeking to serve profitable customer segments to avoid falling into the vicious circle of bidding only for the price, or stagnating its own value.
  • Continuous qualification to guarantee specialization in what is offered.
  • Use of digital media to facilitate the exchange.
  • Work in a network with different professions that allow them to add more value.
  • Bilingualism, since in digital media the market is the whole world.
  • Project management based on payment for results focused on the finances of those who have a demand for a process.
  • Management by processes, because the worker of today no longer do tasks.

Earn quick money in the GIG economy

Earn quick money

At that time there was no legislation or incentives for this type of work, many of us were seen as the exploited poor people sitting on a computer.

So I have some authority to say that I was a pioneer in the world of the GIG economy without thinking…

I must say that it has its benefits and problems like any job. Among its benefits is the autonomy with respect to time management, the possibility of studying and optimizing many expenses and costs, because almost everything was done from a space adapted in my house with a computer and an internet connection. Thanks to what I learned in my time as a teleworker, I developed many skills to make quick money with as little infrastructure as possible, even without having a company incorporated.

The main problems are job instability because there is not always work; some clients do not pay and if there is no discipline for the management of time and energy, money can be lost and health affected by a sedentary lifestyle.

Tips if you want to earn quick money as a teleworker:

Earn quick money

Make your personal budget of expenses, a budget of income, savings and investments. The fact of making quick money implies a financial discipline for the management of it.

Identify in your profession how much colleagues in your sector are charging, what types of services there are, what degree of sophistication there is. This helps a lot to know if it is a profitable profession (something of which I will speak in a next article). Make an inventory of your knowledge and experience, are the main assets that you have available immediately.

Research a lot what needs are in the market for products and services that people can search the internet. I invite you to read one of my articles where I talk about the subject.

Based on what you research, you define a suite of products: a dairy cow product, a standard product, and a premium product. Most of these products can be digital to facilitate their distribution and sale.

Create your personal brand This means having a website, having a presence of authority in social networks. So that, you are the first option in the middle and most importantly: Coherence, if you talk about personal finances you should not live at the end of the month.

Generate alliances or be present in platforms that concentrate the demand of requirements and that really pay you. Educate yourself continuously to earn quick money, negotiate and deliver higher value products. You might also like: http://bestbusinessplans.net/ice-cream-parlor/

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