dress properly in winter

How to dress properly in winter and how you can keep warm?

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We have prepared useful advice for lovers of winter walkways on how to dress properly in winter and what you can keep warm.

Winter finally remembered that she was winter. After the plus temperature and slush frost hit, the snow is coming. Beauty! In such weather, I want to walk and breathe clean frosty air. And to walk or hike to work did not turn into a cold or hypothermia. You need to properly implement.

Tips on dress properly in winterdress properly in winter

  1. A hat made of wool and fur keeps the heat well. But in a severe frost on top of it is worth putting on a hood. By the way, there is an anecdote among the people: “If you want to find a wife – choose it in the winter: goes in a hat – it means smart, without – go by.”
  2. It is better to wear a scarf long and soft. Densely adjoining to a body, it will not allow heat to leave. In such a scarf you can hide your face – so as not to catch cold airways.
  3. On hands – gloves, it is good that the top layer of them was waterproof. In the mittens, fingers literally warm each other, so that in frost they are preferable to gloves. The main condition – the gloves should be the size. In close, the blood flow is disturbed and the hands freeze.
  4. Clothes should be multi-layered. The first layer is a soft, preferably a cotton T-shirt, a T-shirt. Then a loose turtleneck or shirt. Top sweater. Between each layer of clothing will be warm air, which will warm outside. Keep in mind: tight clothing does not create a warm vacuum.

If possible, purchase thermal underwear. The density is 200 g. per square meter – to a temperature of 0 to -8 degrees, and here is the density of 150 grams. Is calculated on +5 – 0. And the same dense fleece jacket. Thermal underwear gives warmth and sweat. By properties, it is comparable to a wool sweater.

dress properly in winter
Thermal underwear

Underpants and jeans are also best to wear thermal underwear – keeping the same principle of multi-layering. But the usual pants, woolen pants. For women – leggings or leggings, dense or fleece.

  1. The jacket or coat should sit on a figure: under too loose outer clothing (for example, a flared coat) blows a cold wind. By the way, about down jackets. The warmest fluff is dumb, but such clothes are expensive. More often sew more budget jackets and coats on goose or duck fluff. Warms and clothes made of synthetic insulation. It is about 1.5 times heavier than down jackets. But not afraid of moisture and quickly dry.

Girls, do not wear a short jacket in the frost! Hips should be closed, because, doctors warn, it is the genitourinary system and the kidneys – the most sensitive to frost organs.

  1. Shoes should not be right around – buy with a margin, so you can pick up a woolen sock. Also, a high sole is important so that snow does not get caught. The best option – boots of the “Alaska” type, boots or felt boots.

High heels are best hidden in the closet. They do not give stability, and it takes longer to stay in the front until you reach the right place.

Walk in the street

Movement is the best “heater”. Because of the active work of muscles, blood flow increases and heat is released. But do not overdo it – so as not to get out fast and do not sweat. That is suitable: fast walking, drowning, patting, jumping, sitting down several times.

dress properly in winter
Walk for keeping body warm in winter

Breathing through the nose will also help out. Lungs produce a large amount of heat, warm the blood, which quickly spreads heat throughout the body.

Embrace! And it will be physically warmer, and more emotional.

The first sign of frostbite – an open patch of skin turned pale. Do not need to rinse – try to warm it up with a breath first. Hurry home. Or go to the nearest warm room. Remove gloves, frozen shoes, socks, wrap your arms and legs in something warm.

Take a hot bath after a cold, or rush into a bath – the vessels react to changes in temperature, which means that the risk of spasms is high.

Say no to alcohol

With frost, warm tea or another warm drink – the liquid normalizes body temperature and improves blood circulation. Adults can drink warming winter drinks: grog mulled wine.

dress properly in winter
No alcohol and yes tea

But in the cold, it’s better to keep warm with sweet tea. Hot will give a temporary effect: from the extremities blood is redistributed to the stomach, and the arms and legs begin to freeze. But sugar is converted into the necessary warmth for the body.

In the cold, you also can not drink alcohol. He expands the vessels, which very quickly give off heat, and there is no place to fill it. The result is an even more rapid hypothermia.

In the menu, add ginger and cut the citrus fruits

dress properly in winter
dress properly in winter

In the cold season, before going out, eat more tightly – to store energy. Lean on meat with pasta. Chicken broth is good. It not only quickly warms, but also removes inflammatory processes. Cook often with lasagna: a hearty, hot, fragrant (do not regret the spices) dish will restore the strength. For breakfast, excellent porridge – wheat, buckwheat, oatmeal. Add honey or ginger. But dairy products and citrus fruits are better restricted because they contain acids, which act on the body cooling. Spoil yourself with black chocolate.

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