Diabetes and gum disease

Diabetes and gum disease: How diabetes affects oral health?

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Diabetes affects oral health. Studies show about diabetes and gum disease. People with diabetes have a higher incidence of gum disease, periodontitis. But they are not the only complaints related to oral health that these patients can suffer.

We analyze what they are and what can be done to prevent them. Keep reading: Why is it important to eat healthily?

The relationship between diabetes and gum disease

Diabetes and gum disease

The diabetes is a disease which is a dysfunction in the proper functioning of the pancreas. This dysfunction causes the pancreas to stop producing insulin and, as a result, the blood glucose level is higher.

Diabetic patients are at risk of contracting other diseases derived from this pathology, which can affect other aspects of health and different organs. Thus, in this type of patients, there are more cases of heart disease, kidney problems, circulation, and effusions.

In the case of oral health, a relationship has also been established between diabetes and more serious diseases of the gums, such as periodontitis. Patients suffering from diabetes are more susceptible to gum disease, but it is also that these diseases can also affect the blood glucose level and thus aggravate diabetes itself. It thus becomes a problem in a circle.

How diabetes affects oral health?

Diabetes and gum disease

Diabetes can generate several ailments related to oral health, such as:

  • Gingivitis (gum disease in the initial stage).
  • Dry mouth.
  • Muguet or oral candidiasis: is a fungal infection.

The aforementioned periodontitis, since they have a high health of bacterial infections and, in turn, less capacity than other people to fight those bacteria.

Prevention measures if you suffer from diabetes

Diabetes and gum disease

Patients suffering from diabetes should take extreme care and controls in the dentist’s office, to avoid as far as possible that this ailment causes any of the problems we have mentioned.

The specific measures that can be taken as prevention are:

Check your blood glucose level. Extend dental hygiene, ensuring that no food remains between the teeth and help with dental floss and interdental brushes. No Smoking. If tobacco effects in a very negative way the health of our teeth and gums under normal conditions (as we have already discussed in this blog ), for patients suffering from diabetes it already becomes a very serious factor.

Diabetes and gum disease

Perform regular checks in the dentist’s office. Without forgetting, of course, to inform the dentists that this ailment is suffered so that we can recommend how to act. In cases in which the patient with diabetes has a dental prosthesis, it is important that it is perfectly adjusted, to avoid sores, rubs, abscesses, etc. Therefore, inform in consultation before the slightest inconvenience.

Inspect the state of the mouth assiduously. Pay close attention to any discomfort that may arise, bleeding brushing, phlegmon or inflammation that appear suddenly, sores, etc. At the slightest sign, go to the dentist’s office, so that we can review it quickly and put the appropriate treatment. You might also read: http://eatfitlove.com/2018/07/22/secret-whiten-teeth-home/

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