Black Friday 2017

Black Friday 2017 | Ten basic recommendations to make safe purchases

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More and more companies and consumers participate in special promotions that are held annually on Black Friday 2017 and Cyber Monday, an Anglo-Saxon initiative, which like many others, seems to have come to our country to stay. 

Ten essential tips and recommendation for Black Friday 2017

Black Friday 2017
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Company data

Check all the data of the online store: company name (it does not have to be the same as the name of the store) or the name of the person who owns the store, CIF, address, email, and telephone. These explanations can usually be found in information accessible from the Legal Notice, Purchase Conditions or General Conditions links located at the bottom of the web page.

Purchase process

Find out about the full price of the product you are going to buy, including VAT, shipping costs, delivery time, available means of payment, guarantees, conditions, terms and return procedure, return form, where and how to claim if necessary.

Privacy policy

Read before you provide your data or payment information, the privacy policy, and conditions so that you can know the use that is going to be given to your data and how you can exercise your rights.

Product information

Analyze all the technical specifications or characteristics of the product, its complete file, and description.

Offer information

Check if the offers made by the online store are applicable to your purchase according to the information that describes the offer or promotion.

Special conditions

Verify if the type of product or service you are going to buy is subject to special conditions of sale such as in the case of package tours, financial services, dietetic or nutritional products, etc.


Find out about the conditions and procedures to return the products, services or digital content that you are going to buy or download. For example, if they can be returned or not, the term in which you can return them, to whom corresponds the payment of the return expenses. Remember that the minimum return period is 14 calendar days, although there are products that the online store does not have to accept the return.


Check the warranty period offered in case the product is defective or does not conform to what you requested, as you can request the repair, replacement or, where appropriate, a reduction in the price or return. Remember that in general, the warranty period is 2 years and that, if it is appropriate to carry out any of the above options, the store must bear all the expenses incurred and, if necessary, pay them if you have had to go ahead.

Customer service

Make sure that the online store has a customer service that can answer your questions before buying and can resolve your complaints in case they occur after the purchase. If necessary, request a tracking number or reference.

Trusted seals

Examine if the company adheres to an officially recognized quality seal or dispute resolution system so that in case you have a problem it can be easier to solve it.

Enjoy Black Friday 2017 offers and follow the recommended tips.

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