Honda CR-V 2017

A Better and Redesigned Honda CR-V 2017

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It takes a few seconds to analyze those robust lines and a new front, the headlights bring to mind Acura models, and the chrome inserts combined with the 18-inch wheels create a harmony that makes you think that it is a pleasant choice For the weekend and for daily use. This is the first impression that gives us the fifth generation of Honda CR-V 2017.

A Short Review of Honda CR-V 2017

Honda CR-V 2017
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For five generations, the consented Honda family has earned a place in the segment, the last few years were not altogether favorable since that land that had won was not enough to remain the best seller, needed to meet its Lack of technology., We felt that it lacked a plus in several points going through the power and finished.

For the last generation, all this change, the brand has listened attentively to the critics and needs of the consumer. Let’s start with you have climbed the boat of saving and performance by adding a 1.5-liter 188-horsepower engine with 180-pound feet of torque.


We traveled around 150 kilometers and there is no doubt that the turbocharged engine provides a higher performance than the previous 2.4 liters, the four thousand five hundred revolutions are the mark for the turbocharger to make their own, however here there is an emotional conflict, We refer to the CVT. We must admit that it makes the handling comfortable without feeling the changes, the fuel saving is significant, in fact we throw an average of 10.5 km / l combined, with high and low speeds; But frankly I say that it does not have an immediate response when it is needed, there is a slight settlement at the moment of accelerating thoroughly, and this because of the transmission.

The theme is … you have to understand that it is an SUV whose purpose is to be comfortable, provide more space for the occupants, and make the road as comforting as possible; The issue of the turbo is no more than a matter of economizing in terms of autonomy, and if, in the process of acceleration provide an improvement in performance without becoming a sport.


Honda CR-V 2017
Honda CR-V 2017

But beyond all, there was a point in the left us pleasantly satisfied, the time when the curves were present. We accelerated to a little more than 100 kilometers per hour, before entering the first corner we released the accelerator as recommended, slowed considerably, we advanced the view and entered precisely, we flow without any effort, there was no time when the forces g Take out of the way, when leaving this, again we resume the accelerator to continue enjoying its performance.

The experience was satisfactory and thanks also have increased the wheelbase by 44 mm combined with an improvement in the center of gravity.

The Ex version equips the 2.4-liter engine, 17-inch wheels, 7 “screen with Bluetooth and new design features. Turbo Plus already incorporates skin on steering wheel, seats and infotainment system compatible with Android auto and IOS. Touring, top of the range comes with all of the above but nine speakers are added with the subwoofer. The dashboard is completely digital, it has left behind the needles, now with the possibility to visualize the state of the vehicle in the board.


Vehicle Stability Assistance (VSA) is included with traction control in.

All its versions; Front and side airbags (SRS) for driver and co-pilot, as well as curtain airbags (SCAB) for front and rear seats with rollover sensor.


CR-V arrived at an age where it was necessary to make changes to be considered again as a tentative option. The combination of materials in the interior, technology, space, design and the 1.5-liter turbo set you up very well. Yes, at the end of the test we can say that we are convinced. All this new equipment will speak for itself when sales start on March 9.

 Pricing of Honda CR-V

Honda CR-V EX 2017


Honda CR-V Turbo Plus 2017


Honda CR-V Touring 2017


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