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Basaksehir – a doubtful football fairy tale

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In the Turkish Super Lig the club Basaksehirspor can win the championship for the first time. Despite the success of the club, the local government is still controversial. Last but not least, an attack by Basaksehir professionals on two journalists caused criticism.

Erdogan scored Hattrick on the football pitch

football news
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Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan is currently looking forward to the table of the Turkish Süper Lig. There is a club named Basaksehirspor just four points behind leader and traditional club Besiktas Istanbul. Five days before the end of the season, even the first-ever win of the championship is possible.

A new fairytale a la Leicester City ?, ask the football experts. Not quite. Despite the sporting success, the club is not uncontroversial. Basaksehir fans have only a few, on average, only 3,000 spectators.

The ghosts are divided, above all, with the question of how much the positive development of the association has to do with the connections to the government. Proximity to the AKP and Erdogan government is considered an open secret. The main sponsor and name of the association is the hospital operator Medipol, whose owner is a close confidant of Erdogan.

President Goksel Gümüsdag is married to a niece of the wife of Erdogan, at the wedding was the state president of the family. Gumusdag is at the same time also head of the club club. The opening game of the new stadium was run by Erdogan personally. The back number 12, which he carried with it, has not been assigned to any player since.

Basaksehir professionals are targeting journalists

football news
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The proximity of Basaksehir to the policy and the football association TFF, which is also close to the government, always provides for discussions. The most recent example: after an away game in Rize, there was an argument between Basaksehir captain Emre Belozoglu and a supporter before the stadium. When two journalists wanted to film the conflict, several Basaksehir professionals attacked them and beat them.

The incident was captured by surveillance cameras and caused great attention. In order to correct the imagery, the club invited the victims, so that the involved professionals in front of camera could apologize to them.

Nevertheless, criticism became all the louder as the disciplinary commission of the TFF announced the punishment for the case. The recordings showed that mainly three players had attacked the journalists: Ufuk Ceylan, Yalcin Ayhan and Volkan Babacan. Substitute goalkeeper Ceylan and defender Ayhan were suspended for five games.

For Babacan, Turkish national team goalkeeper and absolute top performer of the team, there was only one game block. So he was in the important game against Besiktas play entitled.

And the game against Besiktas was won at the weekend with 3: 1, with the title race again exciting. The TV expert Mehmet Demirkol spoke in the face of the unequal punishment of a “Posse”.

The former national player Ridvan Dilman criticized a “double standard” and declared in a TV show: “The theater has been played, Basaksehir has come to terms with the association and this has come out, if there is no justice, When thou art master? “

football news
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This is not yet the case, although President Gumuusdag senses the chance for the title: “This game was our wake-up call. We will go through the race to the end.” Also in the trophy, the team still has the chance to win the title and is in the semi-finals.

Notwithstanding the inconsistencies, it must also be noted that coach Abdullah has formed a powerful team of Turkish and foreign players. Most notable actor is Winterneuzugang Emmanuel Adebayor. The former Arsenal star has proved itself as a reinforcement and scored ten goals in ten competitive games. In addition, the 19-year-old Cengiz Under is one of the greatest Turkish talents.

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