OREO cookies facts

Are OREO cookies as addictive as cocaine?

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Would you believe if they told you that Oreo cookies are as addictive as heavy drugs?

It is not one more invention of lovers of good food. Some experiments were performed with laboratory rats which determined that an Oreo cookie causes equal or even more pleasure than cocaine or morphine in the body or at least in that of rats.

But for scientists, it is nothing new that a cookie can be desired just like a drug. Previous studies have shown that the area that is active when a person consumes drugs increases their activity with consumption or even just the desire to consume “junk food“.

OREO cookies facts
OREO cookies

High amounts of sugar and fat are the perfect combination to create food that generates addiction.

Oreo cookies are a free trade drug that can cause serious harm to the health of people, especially children. Why? Because only 100 grams of this cookie contains 508 kilocalories, 65 grams of carbohydrates of which 46 grams are sugars and 24 grams of fat, of which 14 are saturated. Too much fat and sugar for so little cookie.

OREO cookies facts
OREO cookies facts

Studies with mice

In a labyrinth, an Oreo cookie was placed at one end and the other end of a rice cake, the mice were introduced to the labyrinth, and in exercise, the animals ran immediately to the Oreo cookies.

In a second test

Cocaine was given to some rodents, and others were given the saline solution. The study showed that when rats were not injected with cocaine or some drug, they ran for Oreo cookies. In the same test were monitored the levels of proteins, markers of neuronal activity that are located in the areas of the brain where pleasure and addiction are found, the researchers recorded the activation of a much larger number of neurons than when they had Injected drug.

OREO cookies facts
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One of the unique and most noteworthy data of the researchers was that rats like humans preferred to eat the filling of cream before the cookie.

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These investigations were conducted at University to demonstrate that foods with high amounts of sugar and fat can be very addictive and corrosive to health.


Thousands of Americans and people around the world are addicted to cookies and junk foods. A problem that over time generates obesity, cholesterol, cardiovascular problems, among others.

All these experiments explain why even though we know that certain foods are dangerous and harmful to health, we continue to consume them. Greasy, greasy junk food has already generated an addiction in humans, and we must prevent this addiction from growing and end up corrupting our health.

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