An introduction to the Bentley Continental GT3

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There are few car brands that are more coveted than a Bentley, and the company has recently revealed its Continental GT3 race car, with a road car version expected to hit the mainstream market in 2020.

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Performance and specs

The Bentley Continental GT3 race car has had a complete overhaul, and it appears that no aspect of its performance has been overlooked in pursuit of the most effective and successful race car. According to Motor Authority, Bentley is focussed on winning the Blancpain GT Series Endurance Cup titles with this car.

The weight of the car is down significantly, by nearly 1,000 kilos, which should see an increase in performance, while the engine management system remains the same as the previous Continental GT model, a V8 4-litre twin-turbo.

The bodywork of the car has also been significantly changed to improve its aerodynamics, with broader wheel arches, a deeper spoiler up front and a vast rear wing.

Improvements have also been made inside the vehicle with the addition of a lightweight battery, which has helped contribute to the overall weight reduction. For added safety, the new roll cage meets the standards set by the Federation Internationale De l’Automobile. The traction control and braking systems have also been brought up to date.

Maintaining your own performance car

While the Bentley Continental GT3 may be the stuff of dreams for most of us, there are still a huge number of car enthusiasts and petrol heads who own their own performance cars and spend a huge amount of time and effort keeping their vehicles in top condition.

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If you’re already driving a performance or sports car, you will know that its performance and efficiency are in no small part attributable to how it is maintained, from the fuel, oil and fluids you add to the engine to the tyres and body kit you add externally.

If you need to replace your car battery, it is worth considering buying from a specialist supplier such as, who have years of specialist knowledge in their field.

Motor enthusiasts will be keen to see how the Bentley Continental GT3 race car performs during the 2018 season, but if you want to buy your own, you’ll have a couple of years to wait for the road version.

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