The advantages of choosing insulated flexible duct

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Traditionally, ductwork has been made of galvanised sheet steel, with the insulation consisting of a fibreglass wrapping added afterward. However, the industry is now realising just how many advantages there are in ductwork that is pre-insulated. Here are just a few of the benefits.

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It saves lots of time

Because the ductwork is insulated already, you can install it in one single fix, and that is a lot faster than the traditional process of installing ductwork and then manually lagging around it.

It is much lighter

Sheet steel ductwork is very heavy, especially in longer lengths. Inside the building or factory, it frequently needs substantial support. One of the great things about modern, pre-insulated ductwork is that it’s far lighter. This also makes it safer to install.

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It’s more cost-effective

Because the ducting is lighter, it’s also faster to install. Not only does this mean that jobs are finished more quickly, but the lightness of the ducting means that a smaller team or even a single worker can now do what would previously have taken several people.

In addition, if insulated flexible duct is being installed, there may be an another bonus for building owners because insulation falls under the government’s Enhanced Capital allowances scheme. See the Carbon Trust information for more details.

It’s much easier to modify when you’re on site

Modifying and cutting insulated flexible ductwork like that at is much easier than trying to change the configuration of sheet steel ductwork. When the inevitable changes to the design occur, you aren’t stuck trying to cut steel and can instead make changes very quickly at a much lower cost.

It’s a space saver

One of the abiding problems with installing ducts is that space is always tight. Pre-insulated ductwork can be put in so that it is flush to a ceiling. This can save up to 8 inches of space. This is useful for the lower ceilings many modern buildings have.

It’s very efficient

Pre-insulated ductwork has low air leakage and is more-energy efficient than traditional ducting. It also reduces operational CO2 emissions.

It’s safer

With the insulation embedded in the pipe, there are fewer opportunities for any fibrous material to become airborne, and this creates a safer working environment for installers and contractors.

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