A Beginner’s Guide to Leaks and Other Guttering Issues

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The outside of our homes is constantly under threat from harsh weather elements, in particular the wind and rain. Not only can this take a toll on the brickwork but the guttering as well. Here in our beginner’s guide you can learn some expert tips about leaking guttering and any other issues you may be experiencing.

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Leaky Gutter Joints

For metal guttering, you should scrape out any of the dirt and debris that has collected there and then dry the guttering thoroughly. Choose a high-quality roof and gutter sealant and apply it with a gun into the joint that is leaking.

The process is different for plastic guttering. This is because with plastic gutters it usually means that one of the seals is damaged if it is leaking. In this case, you will need to remove that seal and replace it with a new one. Using sealant or tape may be a temporary fix, but it won’t last you in the long term. In the event that this a long-term issue that keeps happening, it may be wiser to install pipe protectors.

Blocked Outlets

Having a blocked outlet in your guttering can cause the pipes to overflow and water will not drain away properly. To fix this issue you need to block the downpipe with something so that none of the debris from the blockage falls into the drain. Scoop out the leaves from the guttering, and then remove whatever you used to block the downpipe. Rinse the entire gutter out, including the downpipe. Leaf guards and covers can stop this problem from recurring if you find that you get a lot of debris building up in your down piping. There are plenty of guttering and leak protector products available online from suppliers such as https://www.meterbox.co.uk/pipe-protectors.

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Loose Guttering

A very common guttering issue people come across is that the pipes come loose or come away from the wall completely. If your guttering is loose, it’s more than likely that one of the clips that secures it to the wall has lost its connecting bolts. These are easy and cheap to replace. You may also want to replace the wall plug at the same time, as this could also be a cause of piping coming loose.

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