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9 secret tips that never make smart people

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Smart people know how to understand their emotions and deal with them. The secret of this skill not only in what they are doing for this, but also that they do not.

We admire people who are in all situations manage to stay calm, composure and self-control. We call it wisdom and hope to be the same someday. It turns out that much depends on the ability to avoid certain behaviors that prevent us from being happy and move forward.

Things that never make smart people

smart people
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1. They do not let you ruin your mood

If your self-esteem and mood depend on how you look at the background of the other, it means that your happiness is not yours. Smart people are happy their success. They did not let the opinions of others and deserved to overshadow this joy.

It does not matter what they think or does others. It should in no way affect your view of yourself. Whatever the point of view of you or stuck around at the moment, it is always subjective and does not reflect the real situation.

2. They do not forget

Emotionally literate people easily forgive the offense, but it’s not that they forget about them. Forgiveness means that you let go of a bad situation and move on. But it does not mean that the offender is given a second chance.

Smart people have no desire to get caught up in the consequences of the mistakes of others, so they are first forgiven and then take active measures to protect themselves from similar situations in the future.

3. They do not go with a knife on the tank

Smart people know how important it is to take care of themselves because tomorrow is a new day and a new battle. In a conflict situation, we often lose control of emotions and a headlong rush into a fight in which we are doomed to defeat. Anyone who can understand their feelings and manage them is able to evaluate when to insist on her and what the battle should get involved.

4. They did not pursue the idea

Smart people do not pursue the idea.

smart people
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Emotionally mature people do not put at the heart of an unattainable ideal, because they know that it does not exist. Striving for absolute perfection, you will always be disappointed. As a result, you will exhaust itself by the fact that they could not achieve the desired, and reflect on what you did wrong. Smart people instead rejoice that they have achieved.

5. They do not live in the past

As a rule, the defeat – the risk result and attempts to make something elusive. Smart people know that success depends on the ability to play and move on. However, it is hardly possible, if we continue to cling to the old mistakes. When you live in the past, it becomes your present and deprives you of the future.

6. They do not dwell on the problems

Your emotional state depends on what you’re thinking. When you completely focus on current issues, you leave with your head in the negative emotions and stress. Intelligent and emotionally literate people know that you need to think not about the actual problems, and how you resolved them.

7. They do not communicate with the whiners

Fans whine and complain endlessly relish their problems. To feel better, they need sympathetic listeners that they will regret. From such a better stay away, otherwise, they will drown you in its negativity.

A good way to stop whining stream – ask how the person is going to cope with their problems. Whiner or shut up, because he is not going to solve them, or finally try to argue constructively.

8. They do not keep the evil

Smart people do not hold evil

Negative emotions that we feel when we are angry is a reaction to stress. When we were approaching an imminent threat of such behavior is necessary for survival. But when everything is over, its hidden resentment only hurts us. Over time, it can even affect the health. Keep evil – it means to be in a constant state of stress, and the smart people are trying in every way to avoid it.

9. They do not agree on something that does not want

Given many of us are very hard to say ” no .” And yet it is a potent tool to use safely. Refusing to take on new responsibilities, you give yourself the opportunity to fulfill the already existing.

Of course, this list is not exhaustive. But if you can learn to avoid at least these destructive patterns, you will do yourself a huge favor.

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