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8 mindset you have to stop having in order to travel alone

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Most of our actions are driven by the mental images that we have, which we have built, that have instilled us, in short, prejudices, then we know the prejudices by definition are wrong. In this article, we give you 8 mindset to stop travel alone.

Travel alone is unlucky

stop travel alone

Let’s face it, everyone thought it at least once in their life, I read it in the eyes of all those who I said I was going to leave alone. Behind their smiles, I read “Come on, but you could not say you’re so unlucky as not to find anyone who wants to leave with you!” I always pretended not to grasp and I did not give too many explanations. You are not there, you feel. After all, if in history nobody has ever felt unlucky in wearing unprotected garments that went cyclically in fashion, as we might feel unlucky for a trip. I always think that it is much more unlucky who instead chooses to stay at home because he has no one to start with. Keep reading: How to travel safely in Egypt?

I’m bored alone

stop travel alone

Wow, this is the prejudice that struck me the most. Guys, unfortunately, we ourselves are the only certainty of our lives, no one will be close to us forever if we get bored in our company we have a problem. Or rather, perhaps it is the case that we start working on this issue. The fact that most people surround themselves with confetti people, that is, color, is a fact, but perhaps in our heart, we should understand when it is time to test ourselves, to understand how “loneliness” It can be fun. As for me, being the only director of my days is the most exciting scenario in which I can come across, of course, I really like being in the company of the people I love, and I tend to love few even if very intensely, but alone always a discovery.

It’s dangerous

stop travel alone

As I said in a specific post ” traveling alone is dangerous ?” The answer is no! It is no more dangerous than to be alone in a big city. The dangerous places are both in 2 and in one, does not change much, the question is that we must not be in dangerous situations or put us in situations of causing anger from the local. Low profile and humility and nothing will happen to you.

And if I do not know anyone

stop travel alone

Impossible, I do not even believe it if I see it. Fortunately (or misfortune) the dynamics between people are not only dependent on us, even if we are shy and have difficulty starting a conversation with a stranger, it is very likely that some stranger wants to start a conversation with us. As I have said several times: dressed in a beautiful smile and things will happen by themselves. If you want some more help then read my tips for how to meet travelers online.

And .. if I’m not able

stop travel alone

The road is the best university of life, I may have discovered it too late, after 10 years of money invested in prestigious training courses .. The thing I learned while traveling is that nobody starts traveling knowing how to do it, all they have an idea, of themselves and of what they will face, but then what happens is completely different. After all, this is the beauty, no matter how prepared you are, different things will happen, therefore: nobody is able before leaving, able to become him while you are walking, also because alone, you have no alternative, you have to go on, you have to find a solution.

My parents will not agree

stop travel alone

How old are you? Did you exceed 18? do you have any money to travel? YES ??! Then you do not have to wait for your approval, you will not agree in many choices of your life, not for this you will not do it, or at least I wish it for you. Parents are important, I personally think that we must respect them at all ages and we must always try to make them worry as little as possible, but this does not imply that our actions are manipulated by their will. It happens very often, more often than we think, if we are in one of these cases, we use this happening to think about it, because it is not healthy to make decisions based on the will of others. As I said in this post, parents should be educated.

Only the rich can travel

stop travel alone

The preconceptions related to money are the most frequent, as I always say because we always associate the trip with the holiday, but it is not necessarily so. Obviously, some money is needed, but if we want even so many. In the sharing economy you can do anything for exchange, certainly need a spirit of adaptation, but now I do not come to say that the obstacle is cheap, because even with work away you have free food and accommodation everywhere. If you need further insight on the topic here are 10 ways to lower your travel costs.

I’m not as lucky as you

stop travel alone

Let’s stop thinking that everything happens by chance or by divine will. Of course, luck exists, we are born on the right side of the world, we are healthy and I would say that this is enough, the rest depends on 80% of us. Because luck, opportunities, one creates them, captures them, read them between the lines. Recently I read this article by Ivana, a girl who sometimes writes about diving on my website and she talked about how she did it, how she could have traveled for 20 months with 6000 dollars. Boys are really very little money. How she has now built a new future. I invite you to read his article:

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