5 essential work items to keep in your van

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Your van is more than just a means of transport, often doubling up as a mobile office and much more besides. Here are five items you will need to have handy in the cab for a variety of circumstances.

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Smartphone charging cradle

While some modern vans have embraced cutting-edge infotainment and integrated navigation systems, most rely on the driver to make use of their smartphone for access to such features. Making sure your device is visible, easily available and topped up with power when running hardware-intensive apps on the move requires a compatible cradle.

Some cradles are built for specific models, while others can be adjusted to suit a variety of different handsets. Some have integrated charging ports, while others will need a separate cable. You will therefore need to research carefully before you commit.

Road maps

If your smartphone gives up the ghost or your satnav is out of order, having access to a physical copy of a map could be a huge help, especially in an emergency.

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A multifunctional flashlight is a worthwhile investment for van drivers, offering advantages over and above a basic torch; for example, additional illumination functionalities could come in handy if your vehicle breaks down in the middle of nowhere after dark.

Road safety kit

Being prepared for breakdowns is essential, although many motorists can be caught out by something as simple as running out of fuel. If you need to look under the bonnet of your van in such a setting, you should have a high-vis jacket on board to pop over your coat so that other road users can see you, whatever the weather.

Keeping a reflective triangle that can be set up a few metres behind the van, or even orange cones to provide an even safer exclusion zone around it, can be sensible. These are available from stockists such as http://www.vehicle-accessories.net, along with other LCV-oriented items including plylining.

Crash escape equipment

If you are trapped in your van following a crash or any other form of incident on the road, escaping the cabin swiftly and safely is important. You will need to keep a life hammer close to hand to make getting rid of window glass less dangerous. You should also buy a seatbelt cutter for total safety.

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