2018 Interior Design Trends

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Pinterest is a great site to use to get a feel for what the current trends are. When it comes to home improvements and makeovers, Pinterest can help to inspire anyone with ideas for fashion, food or interior design, for example. If you’re looking for a new home, the interior design is one of the most exciting aspects when you first move in. For a professional Gloucester Estate Agent, visit TG Residential. Here are some of the hottest trends that Pinterest have predicted for 2018 home design, according to their analysis:

Metallics – It seems that mixing metallic colours with other shades is a popular trend right now. The great thing about metallic is that they can be paired up with almost any colour on the spectrum and add a touch of elegant style to any décor.

Statement Ceilings – Also known as the ‘fifth wall’, ceilings are getting noticed again with the trend to include them in the design of a room for a complete top to bottom look. Whether you prefer a ‘wow’ wallpaper or a stunning shade in paint, fifth walls are back in the spotlight.

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Statement Doors – We don’t want to neglect our doors either and saves on Pinterest for ‘colourful doors’ have increased by 121%. Perhaps the days of solemn front doors is over as we want to welcome guests and visitors with bright, cheery statements. Statement doors are also a great way to liven up an otherwise neutrally decorated interior.

Super-sized Wall Art – Current trends seem to suggest that homeowners want to express their individualism and creativity much more in their interior design ideas. Saves for big wall art are up 637% showing people want posters, pictures, photographs or art work adorning their walls more than ever in 2018.

Chic Bathrooms – The idea of having a super luxurious, spa-style bathroom is a popular one right now. Rattan furniture and patterned plants, free-standing tubs and spa-resort style accessories are very much in demand. Who wouldn’t want their bathroom to feel like a 5-star luxury spa resort?

Dark and Daring – Designers are also predicting that the days of all-white kitchens including white or stainless-steel sinks are over. Designs are becoming bolder, with darker materials and more daring styles. 2018 could be the year for some experimentation in your home décor. Could concrete and stone sinks be the latest trends to hit high-end kitchens this year?

Bold as Brass – Bigger and bolder than ever before, Brass is back with a vengeance. This aged look is popular for the finishing touches to kitchen cabinets, vintage-inspired lighting features and furniture in the living room. It’s a classy, timeless appeal that’s enjoying a resurgence, whether you love it or hate it!

Au Naturel – Stone is big right now and so too are other natural accents such as wood and other earthy materials. This also includes items made from concrete or leather for example. Exciting mixtures of stone are also popping up in the interior design world, such as eclectic mixes of marble, agate, onyx and alabaster.

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