Order in the kitchen


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Order in the kitchen, with simple lines and minimalist style, the lack of space has been resolved by distributing U-shaped furniture. The work area has been located on the right and the storage area, including oven and microwave, on the opposite side.

The window provides natural light throughout the room and has gained clarity by incorporating white furniture and several tile fronts of the same color. Keep reading: 2018 Interior Design Trends

10 order in the kitchen

Order in the kitchen

In addition to the successful distribution of furniture, this mini kitchen has been planned to the millimeter, incorporating numerous, which have allowed solving in a few meters, all the needs of use and arrangement. For your inspiration, we tell you how it has been equipped.


A column can give much of itself if its interior is perfectly organized with drawers. Who says that a small kitchen is incompatible with a well-stocked pantry?

In this Milano kitchen cabinet, five hidden drawers have been incorporated behind the door, which has made it possible to create a practical and practical camouflaged pantry.


If the available space allows it, you can also assemble a discreet pantry with removable baskets, or combine baskets and drawers in the same cabinet.

To reduce risks in the kitchen, remember that storage at height requires certain standards that must be respected. For example, place the heaviest products in the lower basket, and the less heavy ones, although they are more bulky, in the higher ones (as has been done in the Milano kitchen).

Respect the total weight indicated by the manufacturer and before removing several baskets at the same time, make sure they are well anchored.

Order in the kitchen


The corner furniture is a treasure in a small kitchen. However, they are often undervalued, because the access area is uncomfortable, there is no way to find anything in the furniture and you end up using only what is most at hand…

If you have this type of furniture in your kitchen and you want it to be functional, it’s over to pile everything in the back!

You need an accessory, designed for these difficult spaces, that allows you to have everything in view and well ordered.


Another option, very practical for corner furniture, is the. Above all, if they incorporate trays and allow a development of 360º or 270º depending on the opening of the furniture. It is a perfect idea that can help you to mount that minispensa you need.

A tip, choose your corner accessory with fronts that retain the products, so you can place glass jars without risk of falling or moving during the turn.

Order in the kitchen


Nothing ruins the style and good taste of a kitchen as much as breadcrumbs scattered over the countertop and on the floor.

To solve this situation, in the design of the kitchen Milano has resorted to a very practical option: incorporate a piece of furniture and collect the crumbs, which also has a wire rack function.

And, a detail that you will love, your flexible bag can be folded to use the space as storage, according to need.


When a kitchen is so well planned, like the Milano model, by Leroy Merlin, it is valued as small details deserve. Fifteen centimeters, may not mean anything, but with a good design, in this mini whole can be camouflaged, in which to have at hand the bottles of spices and dressings for daily use.

If you see it as an option for your kitchen, choose it with a brake system and a plastic base, which facilitates cleaning and protects the furniture from spills.

Order in the kitchen


How many times have you gone to get a pot of furniture and the whole tower of pots has collapsed? And with the covers, surely the same thing has happened, countless times.

Reflect: you deserve something more modern and functional to maintain order in that piece of furniture or drawer that you are using daily.

One option is to save them by size and in the most useful way for you, with one that you can modify depending on each piece. This very functional idea is the one that has been used (and that you can copy) in this casserole, from the Milano kitchen.


With modern and modern aesthetics, this beautiful tall cabinet is perfect to put a note of good taste and versatility to your kitchen. Designed with a low background, it can be placed on top of the low furniture, making the space more profitable and creating a hidden storage area.

See how a mini space has been used, on the side of the window, to place this piece of furniture, resting on the countertop. Inside, there are two shelves of adjustable height, ideal for keeping glassware or small appliances that are used every day.

Order in the kitchen


Any functional kitchen has to respond to the needs of those who use it daily. So that the best intentions, in terms of recycling, do not remain only in “intentions”, it is convenient to make things easy for the whole family. A practical and comfortable option is to install them, hidden behind the door of a low piece of furniture. They will be at hand and away from prying eyes.

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