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10 Basic digital marketing tools for your business strategy

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One of the great advantages of the Internet is that it allows us to build a multi channel marketing strategy. It is giving us the possibility of creating a comprehensive system to attract, convert and retain our customers. If you are just taking your first steps in the world of digital marketing, then we share the 10 basic digital marketing tools that you should include in your strategy.

Digital strategy tools for your Business

digital marketing tools

1. Website

The website works as the center of your digital strategy. In it, you must include the information your clients need to know and understand your value proposition. An error that some companies make is filling their web pages with irrelevant information for the client or full of absolutely unnecessary elements. Keep reading: How to make sensory business from your digital space?

Make your website simple and pleasant to the user’s eyes. Make sure your potential customers have the necessary tools at hand to proceed with specific actions: subscribe, register, buy, share, comment, etc. Also, it is important that your website transmits trust and that it provides the client with the necessary security to encourage them to buy.

2. Email Marketing Tool

Sending emails from your business from a personal account is not the most professional way to do it. There are email marketing platforms that give you a series of really useful tools to create commercial emails.

From an email marketing platform, you can send personalized mass messages, create templates for your messages, obtain statistics on the effectiveness of your campaigns, create lists of subscribers, etc.

Some of the most used email marketing platforms by entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs are MailChimp, Benchmark, Doppler, Mailrelay, Mailify, and Aweber.

3. Blog

A blog is one of the most complete digital marketing tools. Through a blog you can educate your customers, attract users from search engines, improve the positioning of your business website, attract subscribers and maintain a constant interaction with your customers.

In your blog, you can publish infographics, videos, podcasts, guides, tutorials, articles and all kinds of useful and interesting content for your current and potential clients.

digital marketing tools

4. Lead Magnet

A Lead Magnet can be defined as a free resource that we enter a customer in exchange for providing us with their contact information. The objective of this tool is to help us convert visitors into “leads” or potential customers.

The key is to offer the visitor an interesting Lead Magnet with valuable content. The most used types of Lead Magnet are: ebooks, templates, pdf guides, mini courses, discount vouchers and access to webinars, among others. These types of free content are very effective in attracting potential customers from social networks.

To promote your Lead Magnet, it is ideal to build an optimized landing page for the client to feel confident in sharing their data. Also, you can include your Lead Magnet with a form integrated in your blog.

5. CMS

The CMS or Content Management Systems are powerful tools to facilitate the creation and management of web sites and digital platforms. There are CMS to create an online store , to build blogs, to create forums, etc.

The objective of the CMS is to facilitate the management of the technical part of your online business, allowing you to focus on the strategic and commercial part.

digital marketing tools

6. Social Networks Management Tool

The truth is that, on the Internet, time is not enough, so it is important to have tools that allow us to optimize the way we work.

Thanks to tools such as Hootsuite and Postcron , you can manage several social networks at the same time, schedule publications and track your strategies. These tools will save you hours of work on the web.

7. Tool for the creation of digital content

Ideally, you have a designer on your team, but if the budget is not enough to hire a professional designer, you can take advantage of tools such as Canva and Visme , which offer you multiple predesigned templates to create graphic content for social networks and sites. Web. Through these tools you can create banners, ads for social networks, cover images, infographics, book covers, etc.

And, if you want to start creating video content, tools such as Wideo , Powtoon and Moovly will make your work easier.

digital marketing tools

8. Electronic means of payment

Currently, there are multiple options to send and receive electronic payments, so it is a waste not to take advantage of them. Accepting electronic payments expands the possibilities of your business.

One essential platform is Paypal , being the most widely used globally, but, depending on your target audience, look for the most convenient online payment tool.

9. SEO tool

The positioning of your website is key to the success of your online business. A very important tool in this case is Google Search Console , which allows us to know and optimize the information that Google has indexed from our website. Check also:

On the other hand, with Woorank you can perform a free SEO analysis in a matter of minutes, obtaining a series of key recommendations to improve the positioning of your website.

If you are looking for a more advanced tool, SEMrush is the leading platform in professional SEO tools.

Also, taking into account the influence of the loading time of your site in its positioning, I recommend using Gtmetrics periodically to optimize the loading time and improve the experience for your visitors.

10. Analytics

Finally, it is essential that you follow up on your marketing strategies or, otherwise, you will not know with precision the results you are getting.

Google Analytics is a free tool that gives you lots of valuable information about your website. Also, in each social network, you have a section with statistics that are worth checking periodically.

digital marketing tools

Another interesting analytical tool is Metricool , which allows you to obtain relevant data and generate reports about your social networks.

And, with Bitly you can shorten your links to share on social networks and know how many people click on your links.

Well, here are ten digital marketing tools that will make life easier when it comes to digital marketing and that will allow you to obtain better results. Go ahead and try them! If you know any other interesting tool, do not hesitate to share it in the comments.

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