9 secret tips that never make smart people

smart people

Smart people know how to understand their emotions and deal with them. The secret of this skill not only in what they are doing for this, but also that they do not.

We admire people who are in all situations manage to stay calm, composure and self-control. We call it wisdom and hope to be the same someday. It turns out that much depends on the ability to avoid certain behaviors that prevent us from being happy and move forward. Continue reading “9 secret tips that never make smart people”

The return of the “Indestructible Nokia 3310”

Indestructible Nokia 3310

The classic cell phone that was characterized by its reliable battery life and by having the addictive game of the celebrity returns in 2017.

The Nokia 3310 will have a new version the return of the “indestructible Nokia 3310”

The legendary Nokia 3310 phone is on the list of ten best-selling cell phones in history, we all remember its characteristics as durability, good signal, shock resistance, battery life and the popular Snake game. Continue reading “The return of the “Indestructible Nokia 3310””